How Will Text Message Marketing Benefit My Business?

This will vary slightly from business to business, but it’s core use is the ability to build a list of customers and potential customers who you can follow up with repeatedly at a super low cost. And what makes this better than direct mail or email is the enormous read and response rates you will get with text messages.

What's The Best Way to Use Text Message Marketing?

A proven way to use text message marketing is to get your customers to subscribe to a special VIP list and use it to send discounted offers on a regular basis. This works great during you’re slow times and need some more business. One quick message can drive a flood of customers to your business within hours depending on the size of your list.

Another great use is to track your print advertising, whether it be flyers, newspaper ads, yellow pages, etc. By creating a special keyword for each ad and offering an incentive to join your list, you can easily see how much response each ad is providing. This allows you to tweak what might be a poor ad or stop wasting advertising dollars in publications that don’t work.

What's this Call-to-Subscribe Technology?

The ability to call-to-subscribe adds a huge advantage over other systems. This means ANYONE with a mobile phone can quickly and easily get on your list by simply calling a designated phone number. This is especially effective with RADIO advertising. It’s much easier (and a bit safer) to dial a phone number rather than texting a keyword to a shortcode WHILE DRIVING!

How Do I Get Started?

That’s easy, click here and select the text message marketing plan that works best for you. Once payment has been processed we’ll set up your account and provide you with your own local phone number for you to begin using in your marketing campaigns. Simply share your new dedicated phone number to build your list. Then log into our client area to send messages out to everyone on your list. You can even schedule messages in advance, allowing you to set up your marketing campaign for the whole month.

What's the difference between a shortcode and a longcode?

If you’re new to text message marketing, something that’s important to understand is the difference between a shortcode and a longcode. A shortcode is a 5 or 6 digit number that the subscriber sends their text message to in order to subscribe or interact with the SMS system. Like tv voting where a viewer texts the word “vote” to 54545 – the 54545 number is the “shortcode”.

Shortcodes have to be approved and accepted by each mobile company for it to work on their network. The process takes weeks or months and is very expensive. For this reason, an SMS marketing/list company will buy and set up the shortcode and then lease “keywords” on their system. A keyword is how their system knows what member to send the text message to. If you want to market a pizza shop, there’s a good chance you might want to use the word “pizza” in a campaign, like text the word “pizza” to 54545. The problems is, on a typical shortcode system, someone else probably is already using the keyword “pizza”, which means you can’t use it. This means keywords are precious and there’s a lot of competition. This also means keywords cost a lot of money. Not so with longcodes.

A “longcode” is just a regular local phone number. Longcodes are very inexpensive and it belongs to only you. That means you can use any keyword you want and with our Platinum Plan have as many keywords to track different marketing campaigns with.

Another nightmare we’ve seen with shortcodes is that since they are typically shared with hundreds or thousands of other users, someone might be spamming or abusing others with the same shortcode you’re using. I saw a shortcode get dropped by the mobile companies for this very reason and EVERYONE lost the service. This affected countless businesses.

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